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ded in 2020 by Michael O’Donoghue, ODMC Consultancy Ltd is a consultancy and mentoring organisation that specialises in working with both Small & Medium Enterprises, and start-ups alike.

 With a lifetime of experience having grown up in the retail industry,  Michael graduated from the College of Marketing and Design in 1994, and began his career in part time farming, and agricultural sales.  This quickly made way to full time veterinary sales with Norbrook Laboratories, and from there on to medical sales, and prior to the establishment of ODMC Consultancy, he spent the previous 12 years in surgical sales & management roles.  Michael has headed up various product launches in both medical & surgical, and has worked with surgeons in operating theatres nationally for companies such as MSL,  Technopath and most recently, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon.

In 2016,  Michael returned to higher education on a part time basis, and graduated from Munster Technological University, first in his class, with first class honours in Business and Sales Management,  H1 L8.  This was, he said, part of the motivation for moving into self-employment, and the establishment of his own company. The other part being his partaking in a Leadership Management  programme, which resulted in him having something of an epiphany on the value of time, both in work and out.   As he said himself,  time is in fact the most valuable resource we all possess, and none of us know how much time we have left in our time bank account.  The expression, ‘I must find some time to do ……’ is so commonly used, but time is the one thing you cannot find, buy, hoard, or borrow.  All you can do is spend it wisely.   Part of what the Leadership Management  programme does is helps you to re-evaluate the time you spend on tasks, and helps you focus on what your “High Payoff Activities” are.   The activities that give you the best return on your time invested in them.   Your level of productivity is determined by working on the right tasks in the right way, at the right time, and for the right amount of time.  The result is a better return from a more valuable working day, and more time and resources to enjoy your down time.  Before ODMC Consultancy Ltd was even founded,  Michael had put the wheels in motion to buy a license for Leadership Management International Inc.

Leadership Management International Inc. was founded in Texas, USA in 1966. This organisation work globally with companies and organisations, helping to increase productivity and profitability through a unique set of programs and systems developed and perfected over 60 years.  Leadership Management International Inc’s mantra is “Training Leaders and their Organisations to their Full Potential”,  and their systems are now available in 90 countries and in 30 languages. They are certainly practicing what they preach, having just secured the No.1 position worldwide for Training Programmes by Entrepreneur Media for the second year in a row!

ODMC Consultancy Ltd is focused on 5 main areas,  Leadership Management as mentioned,   Sales Team Development,    Business start-up,  Go to market strategies, and Coaching & Mentoring.  ODMC Consultancy is working both in a private capacity directly with companies, and also with Local Enterprise Boards and Skillnet.


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