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Carmel O’Grady Ryan

My name Carmel O’Grady Ryan, I am a Reiki practitioner, EFT Master practitioner and a Holistic Massage therapist.

Reiki, put simply, is a relaxing treatment, where natural healing energy is transmitted through my hands to your body.

You are fully clothed throughout, with only your shoes removed.  I do not need to place my hands on your body, during a treatment if you so wish.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique in simple terms is using your index finger to gently tap on the meridian points,(our energy pathways) on your outer body.  EFT is a fast and  easy skill for adults and children to learn and use.  I can teach positive EFT, which you can use yourself to raise your body’s energy levels and overcome stress, bring clarity instantly.

The basic goal of massage therapy, is to increase your health and well being.  It relieves tension and pain trapped in your muscles.

My treatments are relaxing, relieve stress, anxiety and pain, supports bereavement and counselling,  release emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, childhood and adult traumas, phobias and addictions.  A Reiki treatment will accelerate your body’s  natural healing. My treatments support all medical treatments.

All treatments can be combined for the benefit of your health or used on their own.  They are safe to treat children and teenagers.

Please call or e-mail me, to make an appointment or with any queries you might have.

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