About MBN

Who are we?

Midwest Business Network was founded in 2014. Founders Brigid Browne and Noel Mulhaire created an organisation of business owner-managers who come together at a breakfast meeting every Friday morning to share, collaborate and create business opportunities.

With free membership, we meet in Anner Hotel in Thurles each Friday where the hotel provides us a discount quarterly cost for room, tea & coffee.

Currently we pass on average one referral Opportunity per person every couple of weeks – an Opportunity being “an opportunity to do business with a member in the group, or with someone we know outside the organisation, such as a client or friend, who requires our services”.


If, as a member, you can not attend a meeting, you may be able have a substitute to attend on your behalf.
This will ensure that your business is always present, should there be a referral opportunity available to you. It’s worth remembering that our members and guests may require a service that forms part of our membership. So attendance is key!

A “Social” Network

We operate as a “social” network, as much as a business network. We organise regular events for members, such as golf days and a seasonal diner at Christmas time. We recognise how important it is to get to know our fellow members, if we intend recommending them to family, friends or business contacts. Partners and spouses are always welcome to our social events.


Many of our new members come to the MBN with little or no experience in business networking. As a result, we have developed a policy of assigning an experienced member to oversee a new member’s progress, so that the latter can get the maximum return from his or her membership.


We are in the process of increasing our membership and are seeking like-minded businesses, eager to build their businesses through Opportunities. We operate a weekly meeting as an independent low-cost organisation.